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IIT JEE coaching in Pune

How to prepare for IIT JEE in Pune

I have heard people saying that Catching A Cheetah Is Easier Than Cracking IIT JEE. Similar are the talks about medical entrance exams like AIIMS and AFMC. But is it really that difficult?
After reading this blog and the relevant links, you will be very much clear about various misconceptions and at the same point of time you will be able to make proper strategy to clear JEE or medical entrance exams.

Just after the completion of class 10th you have options of joining Science, Commerce or Arts. Science is recommended because a fundamental knowledge of math and science till 12th makes a person quite confident. Even at later stages, if a science student thinks of changing his stream to Commerce or Arts, it is very much feasible. But other way round it’s not possible.

Once a student has chosen science, he must decide whether he wants to be an engineer or doctor. Engineering aspirants should strictly avoid biology and similarly medical aspirant should avoid math. As these are very competitive exams and are very tough to crack and on top of that, Bio is burden to Engg aspirants and Math is a burden for Medical aspirants.

Best way to clear JEE and get into IITs is, to start the preparation as early as possible. Choose appropriate coaching classes for JEE preparation in your city. While making choice you should keep following parameters in mind:

Ø  Who will take your lectures ?
Ø  Competency of the faculty team
Ø  Stability of Faculty team in past 1 – 2 yrs
Ø  Results of students (Taught by Existing Faculty Team)
Ø  Commutation timing, Infrastructure and logistics.

Now let us discuss coaching classes in Pune and touch upon their plus points and minus points. Some of the coaching institutes for JEE below are untested as they are new and some are trying to establish their base in Pune.

M. Prakash Academy 
Year established : 2000
Promoter : M Prakash
Presence : Only Pune
TOP Rank in IIT JEE Advance 2013: All India Rank 137 (Deven Diwakar)

Result JEE mains : Most of the M.Prakash students qualified (may be all) thru JEE mains.
Result JEE Advance : 48 students have got AIR from 120 students appeared.
Contact Details : Tel: 020-25464973 
Website : 
Email :
Entrance : Only one entrance Test on 6th April 2014 at MIT Engg college Pune

Arguably the best math teacher of country M Prakash sir owns this academy and teaches math. In past MPA has given fabulous results. In 2013 top 2 students of Pune were from M. Prakash Academy AIR 137 and 155. Physics dept is handled by Mr. Vishwesh who is a very competent teacher.

Why one should join M.Prakash Academy:

1.     Most of the students qualifying mathematics Olympiad from India have been thankful to Mr. Prakash for his guidance. Second best institute for Mathematics Olympiad is far below M.Prakash Academy.
2.     This Academy has never been in any controversy like, changing teachers or Fake Result IIT JEE Pune.
3.     Selection criteria is very genuine and if you get selected then for next few years you will be in a pool of brilliant students and in the hands of good teachers.

Disadvantages of the M. Prakash Academy:

1.     Chemistry has never been M.Prakash strength. Many students of M.Prakash Academy have been attending Chemistry at other institutes.
2.     Academy has only one centre,( kothrud) and hence commutation time is a cause of concern for most of the students across the city. With very limited or almost no time availability for CBSE and ISC students.
3.     They don’t have their own study material.

Prime Academy Pune 
Year established : 2009
Promoter : Lalit Kumar
Qualification : BTech ( Elec) IIT Mumbai
Presence : Pune, Shikrapur
TOP Rank in IIT JEE Advance 2013: All India Rank 159 (Kedar Joshi)
Result JEE mains : 120 qualified thru IIT mains.
Result JEE Advance : 50 students have got AIR from 120 students appeared.
Contact Details : Tel: 9372267644
Website : 
Email :
Entrance: 85 % in Science  & Math in 9th or 10th  or clear Prime Entrance Test ( Free ) 

Prime Academy Pune was established in 2009 by Lalit Kumar, B.Tech graduate from IIT Bombay.  Prime Academy has 6 branches across Pune (MG Road, Deccan, MG Road, Pimpri, Aundh and Wanawadi) .  Most of the students who have qualified IIT JEE from pune have been taught by faculties who are in Prime Academy now. In terms of top rank in IIT JEE 2013, Prime Academy is second among all JEE coaching classes, ( Only M.Prakash Academy had better top rank than Prime Academy Pune) as Kedar Joshi got All india Rank 159 in IIT JEE 2013.

Why one should join Prime Academy Pune:

1.     Since quite a few years, most of the top IIT JEE faculties in Pune are consistently teaching at Prime Academy Pune. Just to name a few, Lalit Kumar, Jaswant Charan, Pradeep Nagar, Pritam sengupta, Rahul Waware, Sredhar Babu, all are IIT graduates.
2.     Even average students can get admission in prime but still percentage of students clearing IIT JEE is quite high.
3.     Marketing and publicity is minimal and most of the enrollments in Prime Academy are through good word of mouth by current and past students.
4.     Prime Academy Pune has tie with renown schools and colleges like Bishop and hence students save commutation time and studies of board and competitive exams are synchronized, making the system more efficient.

Disadvantages of Prime Academy Pune:

1.     Parents have complained about the lack of communication between parents and Prime administrators.
2.     They don’t have their own study material.
3.     Students are unhappy because of delayed results and errors in answer keys in the internal exam.

Few things to be noted: NGO Dakshana foundation has chosen Prime Academy for IIT JEE coaching to scholars of Jawahar Navoday Vidyalaya across the country for shikrapur branch. 

Year established : 1992
Promoter : D K Goel
Qualification : B.Tech from IIT Delhi.
Presence : All India also in Pune
Result JEE mains: Compiled national result on the website Pune result not available.
Result JEE Advance : Compiled national result on the website Pune result not available
Contact Details :Tel: 011 - 46106000/10/13/15
Website :
Email :
Entrance : Open to all

FIITJEE was founded by D K Goel, IIT Delhi graduate in early 90s in Delhi and currently it’s the biggest chain of IIT JEE coaching institute across the country. FIITJEE pune is the part of the this chain. Being a corporate structure, FIITJEE is one of the most systematic institute. Parents are interacted with on regular basis through auto generated SMS and emails with details reports of attendance and scores of their wards.

Why one should join FIITJEE

1.     FIITJEE has very good error proof study material.
2.     Tests and results are updated and students get to compare themselves with many a thousands of other students enrolled with FIITJEE Test Series across the country.
3.     FIITJEE has school tie ups and hence classes are conducted in school premises only which helps students to save commutation time.

Disadvantage of FITJEE :

1.     FIITJEE spends a lot in heavy marketing and relies mainly on national brand value. Quality of faculty is mediocre.
2.     FIITJEE, not being national level institute can’t adjust much as per local students requirements.
3.     FITJEE has to make do with whatever faculty available after Pune’s best faculty absorbed by the top local institutes.

Bakliwal Tutorials
Year established : 2005
Promoter : Vaibhav Bakliwal
Qualification : BTec IIT Mumbai
Presence : Only Pune
TOP Rank in IIT JEE 2013 : All India Rank 246 (Pranav Vaish)
Result JEE Advance : 91 students cleared JEE Advance out of 600 students appeared.
Contact Details : Tel: 9370146294  
Website :
Email :
Entrance : Several entrance tests about 20 + from November till June. Admission has to be secured within one week by paying the first instalment of fee.

Bakliwal Tutorials IIT (BT) ,  was founded by Vaibhav Bakliwal, B.Tech graduate form IIT Bombay, in 2005. In 2010 (Omkar Thakur AIR 11) ,2011( Rohan Prinja AIR 53)  and 2012 ( Kevin Daniel AIR 92) BT,  got 3 back to back pune toppers in IIT JEE and arguably became the best IIT JEE coaching institute in Pune.  BT has 9 branches across pune.

Why one should join Bakliwal Tutorials:

1.     Owner of the institute ( Vaibhav Bakliwal) is a very good motivator.
2.     Good students are called in separate batch called COC ( champions of champions ) and get to see good teachers.
3.     Alumni network is very strong and current students get to meet seniors from IIT very frequently which boosts their confidence and moral.

Disadvantages of Bakliwal Tutorials:

1.     Stability of faculty is a huge problem and student get to see different teachers every now and then, hampering the continuity and moral. Consequently BT’s result dropped drastically in 2013 and their top rank was not even among top 5 of Pune.
2.     Vaibhav Bakliwal himself doesn’t take lectures except their entrance program lectures, COC batch and Repeaters
3.     Since only COC batch is paid special attention, students of all other batches get ignored and 50% of the average students leave the course in middle.
4.     Sometimes when strength decreases complete batch is cancelled. In 2012, students who had enrolled for Vimanagar , Aundh and camp batch were asked to travel to other centers as their batches were cancelled.

Year established : 2000
Promoter : Praveen Tyagi
Qualification : BTec IIT Mumbai
Presence : All India and in Pune JEE Results: first year in Pune
Contact Details : Tel: 022-26245223/09/357/657  
Website :
Entrance : Periodic entrance cum scholarship Tests.

Pace founded by Praveen Tyagi, B.Tech IIT Bombay is one of the leading institute in Bombay. Since last two years Pace has started its centres in 10-15 cities. In Pune they started their branch in 2013.

Advantages of joining Pace.

1.     Pace has tie ups with schools and hence student saves commutation time as he need not shuttle between school and coaching classes.
2.     Since Mumbai and Pune are very close, Pace can send top faculties as and when required.

Disadvantages of joing PACE

Pace has its charm for his main centre, ie Andheri ( Bombay ) and they don’t have equally competent faculty team for Pune branch.

Year established : around 2008
Promoter : D C Mangeshkar
Qualification : BTec IIT Mumbai
Presence : only in Pune
Result JEE mains : 150 qualified thru IIT mains.
Result JEE Advance : NA
Contact Details : Tel: 011 - 020-65202259/65219821  
Website :

Founded by Durgesh Mageshkar. B.Tech IIT Bombay,  in 2008, IIT Praksishan Kendra ( IIT PK) is one of the most popular institute among students from interior of Maharastra. Since it has many branches in Pune, its highly likely you will find one, near your house which will save much of ur commutation time.  

Why should one join IIT PK:
1.     It’s a consistent institut, without any major shuffling of faculty or problems.
2.     Owner of the institute, Durgesh Mageshkar is a very good faculty.

Disadvantages  of the IIT PK
As such no disadvantages, but it would be better to confirm about the over all curriculum and quality of system and teaching,  

Year established : 1988
Promoter : J C Chaudhry
Qualification : NA
Presence : All India and in Pune
Result JEE mains: Compiled national result on the website Pune result not available.
Result JEE Advance: Compiled national result on the website Pune result not available.
Contact Details : Tel: 18001022727  
Email : NA
Entrance : Open to all

It’s a national brand, with hundreds of centers across the country.  Akash is mainly in medical and expanded in engineering sometime back.

Why should one join Akash:
1.     Study material is good.
2.     Regular test are conducted and parents are kept  updated.

Disadvantages of joing Akash:
1.     Poor quality of faculty at Pune center.

Year established : 2003
Promoter : Jitesh Hora
Qualification : Dual Degree IIT Mumbai
Presence : Maharashtra and in Pune
Result JEE mains : 13 qualified thru IIT mains.
Result JEE Advance : 9 IIT Advance .. Top Rank = ??
Contact Details: Tel: 022-26282501/26708633  
Website :
Email : admin@
Entrance : Thru Yukti Talent Search Examination.

Yukti was founded by Mohit Goel, graduated from IIT Bombay and MBA from IIM A and Jitesh Hora started Pune centre. Yukti Pune centre was arguably one of the best institute in Pune for IIT JEE coaching from 2003-2009. Top ranks like 1, 37, 44, etc were given by Yukti.

Experienced a sudden downfall as all good faculties left yukti suddenly in 2009.

DG foundation
Year established : 1996
Promoter : Arun Ghawat
Qualification : BTec IIT Delhi
Presence : Only in Pune
Result JEE mains : 18 Students qualified for JEE Advance.
Result JEE Advance : 9 students have got ranks in JEE Advance.
Contact Details : Tel: 020-64000910, 8237333664   
Website :
Email :,
Entrance : Open to all

Founded by Arun Ghawat, B.Tech IIT Delhi. 

Not much details available.

Deeksha Academy
Year established : 2013
Promoter : Jimmy Pandita
Qualification : BE from KIT Nagpur.
Presence : Only in Pune
Contact Details : Tel: 020-27212872  
Website :
Email :,
Entrance : Open to all

New Institute: not much details available.

Bansal Classes

Year established : 1984 
Promoter : V K Bansal
Qualification : NA
Result JEE mains : Compiled national result on the website Pune result not available.
Result JEE Advance : Compiled national result on the website Pune result not available
Presence : All India and in Pune
Contact Details : Tel: 0744-2423738/39  
Website :
Email : and
Entrance : Walk in.

Bansal classes is a pioneer of IIT JEE Coaching in Kota and most of the coaching institute in Kota have been stared by ex faculties of Bansal Classes.
Bansal Classes started their branch in Pune in 2013.

They have got good test series and study material but class room teaching need to be verified as faculties of Pune branch are different from their Kota center.


Year established : 1960
Promoter : C S Deshpande
Qualification : BE  COE Pune
Presence : Mahashtra and in Pune
Result JEE Advance : 28 students secured ranks. Separate Pune result not available.
Contact Details : Tel: 022-42324232 
Website :
Email :
Entrance : Walk in
Vidyalankar was established way back in 1960 in Mumbai. And had given good results for many years.

Shrinivas Academy:
Year established : 1996
Promoter : Sanjit Singh Adarsh
Qualification : BTec IIT Mumbai
Presence : Only in Pune
Contact Details: Tel: 9623680063, 9822439430 
Website :
Email : sadarsh@shrinivas
Entrance : Screening Test

Toppers Pride
Toppers Pride
Promoter : IIT Alumni
Presence : Only in Pune
Email :
Entrance : Entrance Test and Interview


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