Tuesday, 11 March 2014

JEE preparation: Do's and Dont's

What not to do when you are preparing for any competitive exams like IIT JEE mains JEE advance, Medical entrance exams like AFMS and AIIMS

1.     Never start JEE preparation late.
2.     Avoid joining a coaching class with following traits:
a.     One which has more of marketing and continuously keeps on hammering. Usually an institute with good quality teaching need not rely on heavy marketing. Pune’s best coaching class for IIT JEE, M.Praksh never gave a single advertisement and still manages to get good quality students.
b.     Never judge an institute on the basis of the results produced by that institute two or three years back. Fake results of IIT JEE pune has befooled many students. Just ask for last year results and make sure that you ask for contact number of random students from the list. Sometimes few institutes publish results of those students who they never taught.
c.  Sometimes there is big a list of IIT JEE toppers qualifying from an institute, but most of the teachers who have taught them are no more with that institute and have long left them and joined another institute. Current Results of such institutes have no credibility.
d.     Don’t join an institute where traveling time is more than 90 minutes a day.
e.     Sometimes institutes commit a classroom very near to your house and once fee is collected, they cancel the batch and you are asked to go to some other centre. Bakliwal Tutorials collected the fee from many students staying near Vimanagar and committed them Vimanagar batch which must have been very close their house but when classes commenced, students were shocked to realize that Bakliwal Tutorials shifted their batch to Lloyd chambers which increased their commutation timing by around 2 hours !! Most of these students left Bakliwal Tutorials and joined other institutes close by but by that time students suffered due to syllabus mismatch between the two institutes. Similar was the case with Time Academy batch, where students were committed afternoon batch but almost twice a week they were asked to come in evening disturbing their schedule.

3.     Avoid being in group of negative thinking people. Try to be in good company. Good mood and atmosphere of serious competition is always infectious.
4.     If you get demotivated just make sure that you meet your teachers and mentors. Bakliwal from BT and Lalit Kumar from Prime Academy Pune are real good mentors  and terrific motivators in Pune.
5.     Avoid Smart phones, Cable connection and other distractions at home and study place. It is very difficult to resist but relatively easy to avoid. And hence ensure you avoid things like Television, internet surfing, facebook, tweeter, playing games on your smart phone as controlling the usage is just next to impossible. 
6.     Never get demoralized if your score dips in comparison with board score which was 90+
7.     If you have missed few lectures or concepts in past because of any reason, don’t miss lectures to compensate for those missed out concepts at the cost of contemporary topics. First concentrate on current topics and try to extract extra time to study previously missed topics (On Sundays or public holidays) or else leave them and get back when revision starts.
8.   Never Cheat in practice test to Fake results in IIT JEEpunemock Tests..
9.     Don’t read too many books.

10. Don’t try to dig in irrelevant topics which are not important.
11. Avoid joining multiple coaching classes for different subjects or may be board  or entrance exams. Many times because of professional rivalry, many coaching institute talk bad about other institutes where students are going simultaneously and faculties of either institute don’t  gain respect in the eyes of the students which finally affects students morale and grasping and hence his performance.
12. Avoid Medical and engineering simultaneously. Don’t try to sail in two boats.
13. Don’t miss classes and don’t be late. If faculty is late it won’t affect a student much but if the student is late then he might miss some key concepts which is likely to affect his/her performance.
14. Avoid postponing the revision. Revise everything same day for best efficiency.
15.  Ask all your doubts in lecture. Don’t hesitate and don’t postpone it will keep piling on you.
16. Many times students have good concepts but not able to score good. Don’t get disheartened, discuss with your faculty to analyze the cause. It might happen that there is a very small change required in your strategy and that might just triple your score ! Yaa It happens, believe me !!!.
17. Many a times a student is very good conceptually in Physics and he can write equations but while solving these equations, he commits silly mistake and ends up with a wrong answer. If he is aware of the fact that he is good in physics but just lacks practice then he will get motivated and start working hard on this problem, rather than simply getting de-motivated and at times leaving studies.
18. Before exam you must take care of these things.
19. Avoid strenuous sports which requires too much of energy and time. Sports with a body touch with yr opponent i.e. football, Basketball and Hockey to be avoided for injury concerns. Simple sports like TT , Badminton are fine.

20. In between your study slots take a short nap or go for a short slow walk as just sitting on comuter or video games will engage same set of resources (Eye and brain) which you are using extensively while studying.
21. Concentration is another issue student faces. Try any of the below and do what suits you to increase your attention span.
a.     Change the subject or place of study.
b.     Read aloud. Or walk while you read inside your study room.
c.      Solve sums as they will force u to concentrate.
d.     Have a cup of tea or coffee (though not often)
e.     Have a bath.
f.      Change your T shirt
g.     Have a small chat with your sibling.
h.     Or a small slow walk…. Or Pranayam.
i.   You can also record “reading of your notes” and play it back on your headphones while revising your notes.
j.     Just avoid heavy meals and have small snacks 4-5 times a day and ensure u drink sufficient quantity of water.


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