Friday, 14 March 2014

Tuition Class for Science and mathematics for 8th 9th and 10th standard students

Before enrolling your child to any  tuition classes for science or mathematics, a parent must be aware of few basic things
1.     What is the main objective of joining any such class
2.     How is it going to help in senior classes like 11th and 12th.
3.     Will these classes contribute towards his preparation for engineering and medical entrance exams like IIT JEE mains, JEE Advance, AIIMS and AFMC
4.     Will child develop any interest towards science and mathematics after attending these classes.

Lets take these points in details.
Most of the times, many parents enroll their kids to coaching classes or tution classes so that student will be able to get good score in school exams. Many such classes emphasize on plain mugging, They can gauge the set of frequently asked questions in local exams/tests of schools either by their experience in education field and sometimes by some other means as well. Directly or indirectly students are made to solve those "important" questions again and again and subsequently students find those exams very easy and come with flying colours, making their parents feel proud. Consequently children and parents are happy and respective coaching ( tuition) classes get strong branding for science and mathematics.

But how does this contribute towards the future of the student ?  It would be a far better option, if a student is made to understand the basic fundamentals of mathematics and science. This knowledge doesn't only help in getting good score in school but it makes the thought process of a child very logical and fast. A student with enhanced thinking can do better in all fields, let it be academic or non academic.

Many of the top rankers of engineering and medical entrance had joined some foundation course in their cities. Rao classes in Mumbai have successfully conducted this course at many centers. Time, Prime Academy Pune, M.Prakash Academy, DG Foundation,  has similar foundation courses across many of its centers.

Few good students of such foundation batches who joined the foundation batch in classs 8th were promoted to Foundation Hybrid (which is meant for 9th and 10th student) on the basis the outstanding performance. Many of these students get to attend class 11th lectures even when they are in 10th and  9th. These students finish their syllabus of 11th and 12th well in advance. The same syllabus is for all engineering and medical examinations as well. By the time these students actually write these competitive exams, they become relatively far better than their colleagues and hence they end up getting much better score.

Parents should not simply run for marks by plane mugging, Fake results IIT JEE Pune and cities like hydrabad and Kota have made such an impact that most of the aware parents have vision for better future of the child.

Sooner you realize the importance of quality coaching for IIT JEE and medical in form of foundation courses, better it is for a student. Just consult few good coaching classes for foundation and enroll your child. For details of such coaching classes you may refer

best wishes for your preparation to become a top engineer, doctor or any things of your choice. :)


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