Monday, 4 August 2014

How to prepare for Board exams for class 10th.

As a youngster, board exams are probably the first challenge a student will face among the many other challenges that will be thrown at him later in life.
10th Board exam is not only a student’s exam, its an exam for parents as well.
1.     Ensure you give the required amount of time to each subject based on your proficiency and the vastness of the syllabus. While planning, ensure you account for each chapter and each topic in that chapter.
2.     Parents must ensure that diet of their wards should be good. Lots of liquids and home food rather than fast food or junk food.
3.      Students should not be pressurized to get 1st or 2nd rank in school. Avoid comparing him with other students when exams are getting closer.  Make sure that student has solved previous year board papers, at least the last 5-6 years. It will give him the much needed practice and also a fair idea of kind of questions which are asked in Board exams. You will find a majority of questions being repeated over the years.
4.      Memorizing certain formulae, notes and dates are essential for almost all subjects. Make sure you learn them by-heart well in time before the exam. Write down these points (formulae, theorem, definitions)on flash cards that you can carry along with you in your pocket or wallet. You can read them every time you have a moment to spare -- especially while you are travelling. You can write down these notes in bright colours on chart papers and stick them around your study place or pin them on to a board in your room. Every time you pass by, you will take a look at the notes which will  help you in memorizing them.
5.      Try to give as many mock tests as possible. Get an idea as to how much time you need to answer a particular question. This will help you know if you need to concentrate on speed or accuracy. Finding out how much time you spend on a particular question will also help you know your strengths and weaknesses. Once you find that out, stress more on your weak areas.

6.      Try to do time bound studies rather than concept bound, in last few months. Time bound means, every topic should be assigned some specific time and student must shift to another topic after spending stipulated time on that particular topic. Since there is no limit of depth for many topics specially in math and science hence it might happen that student will always feel that something can be improved. And while doing so he will be compromising on preparation of other important topics. At the same point of time, what ever details he is acquiring might be useless from the point of board exams. There is very little chance of a question beyond your prescribed textbooks. Ensure you are well versed with each concept and topic in your textbook. Do not ignore diagrams, tables or graphs in your textbooks as questions can be asked on any chapter from the textbook.

7.      It is always good to study in a group, say once a week. It will help you get your doubts cleared by your friends who might know how to solve a particular question you find hard to solve.. Studying in a group also helps you validate your exam preparation and efforts. Say, you have left out some portion of the syllabus purposefully; your study group can tell you if it's a good idea to do so. Spending time with your friends will also help you feel relaxed and refreshed.
8.      Make sure at least one month before board exam, student must wake up in morning early and should strictly study during examination time without break .For example if exam starts from 1 march and timings are 10am -1 pm, then student must study form 10am -1 pm from 1st feb, so that his biological clock will get used to with the examination timing and he will be at his best during that time and won’t feel tired and sleepy.
9.      It is not a good idea to ignore your weak subjects. The board exam result is an aggregate percentage of all your subjects. Give equal importance to each subject. In case you find a particular subject difficult, direct more efforts towards it -- practice more and more so that by the end of the preparations you are comfortable with all the subjects. Ignoring even one subject can lead to anxiety and dramatic fall in the aggregate percentage. For example, when you have scored about 90 marks in all five subjects while you managed to score just 65 in one, it will reflect on your overall score in a bad way and will also pull down your percentage to 85.
10.   A lot of students end up feeling sick due to pressure, sleep deprivation and improper diet. Ensure that you have at least 7 hours of sound sleep everyday and have 4 healthy meals every day. Drink a glass of milk before going to bed in case you are facing trouble getting sound sleep. Avoid junk food and foods which are difficult or take long time to digest.
11.   Try to analyze your performance, if you are not able to get good score in pre boards then is it because of lack of concept or lack of confidence or simply because of lack of examination skills.
12.   Don't give up on recreation and hobbies as they will help you relax and absorb more when you study. Please note computer games or mobile games use the same resources , the eyes and brain hence leave you more exhausted.  About 8 hours of dedicated study is enough to get you good marks.

During Examination Time:
Ø  If at all you are making calls /meeting your close friends avoid talking about exams.
Ø  Make sure you have all the Pens, Pencils, Erasers and sharpeners ready as far as possible don’t use any new pen,pencil  even shirt/trousers/socks/shoes/wrist watch/perfume /oil  and make sure you don’t have to make a last day effort ! Also, keep your Hall Ticket Safely with a photocopy with your parents.
Ø  Unwind with some music of your choice.
Ø  Dream a bit. Smile a bit. Dream that you are going to give a very very good paper :). Just don’t entertain bad thoughts. Half the battle is won or lost always in the mind. Once you win it in your mind the brain takes over. (The other half is of the brain!)
Ø  Avoid discussing about the paper gone by in the gap between two papers. That will either make you complacent or tense, both ways u lose.
Ø  Almost all  the questions asked in board exams are very close to the practice problems which you have studied and solved in last two years during your preparation.

Post Exam: Parents must realize that, a god score in board helps students to gain confidence and set the tone for a successful academic career but it just doesn’t contribute anything directly for the future. For the matter even the 12th board results are also not as important as results of entrance exams which they will be appearing for, after 12th. If you feel that student is inclined towards science then he must seek for some engineering or medical college after 12th. Admission in engineering and medical colleges happen through entrance exams for engineering and medical like JEE Mains, JEE advance, AIIMS , AFMC etc. Best time to prepare for such exams is immediately after 10th exams. May be a student can take a break of 10-15 days to get rejuvenated. Parents must collect relevant information for good coaching classes for IIT JEE and Medical.

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